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A function bar for the user interface of GameDistribution+ games.

Design a new function bar for the social games, that has all function bar options available to the user. It should not take up too much space on the screen.

Final Design
The final design is a function bar in the shape of a bookmark, which is able to be moved from left to right on the top of the screen.

In its inactive state, the function bar is slightly translucent so you can still see the game in the background. It looks like a small bookmark.

When the function bar is active the bar opens up vertically, showing all options inside. It also looses its translucency.

The designs were created in Sketch and I used Sketch Cloud to deliver the designs to the developers.
Icons are FontAwesome icons (apart from the shop icon).


Function Bar Closed

GD+ Function Bar - Closed

Function Bar Closed – Hover

GD+ Function Bar - Closed Hover

Function Bar

GD+ Function Bar

Function Bar Open

GD+ Function Bar - Open

Function Bar Open – Hover

GD+ Function Bar - Open Hover

Function Bar Guest User

GD+ Function Bar - Guest

Function Bar Guest User

GD+ Function Bar - Guest User
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