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Footer redesign for the Spil Games websites.

Redesign the footer of the Spil Games websites to look more clear and to be optimised for mobile web.

Before I started working on the design I discussed the development possibilities and constraints of the platform together with developers and talked to an SEO specialist about the requirements for the SEO section in the footer.

When that was clear, I started working on the design, while staying in contact with the developers to discuss any issues that popped up and to come up with solutions together.
The project was monitored in JIRA, so all stakeholders would be up to date about the progress.

The redesign of the footer groups certain elements together and portrays them in different areas of the footer.
The SEO description is now separated from all the internal links and is situated on top of the main footer at the bottom. This text is only shown on the homepage, whereas on other pages only the bottom main footer is shown.
The internal links are all combined under their own heading to make it more clear in what category they belong.

For smaller screen sizes, the internal links are shown within drop downs and they have optimised tap targets for mobile web.

The designs were created in Sketch and I delivered them to the developers with Avocode.
The progress of the project was kept up to date in JIRA.



Footer – Before

Footer - Before

Footer Redesign

Footer Redesign - 320w
Footer Redesign - 768w
Footer Redesign - Open
Footer Redesign - 1440w
Footer Redesign - Agame
Footer Redesign - Girls
Footer Redesign - Mousebreaker
Footer Redesign - Oyunskor
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